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Travis Consultants trained 1200 people in Lilongwe on business management. The training targeted the youths and it aimed at creating conducive environment for young entrepreneurs to access relevant business management skills, knowledge, values and attitudes for their businesses. The young entrepreneurs in Lilongwe were trained how to respond to the market and business needs appropriately. The Business Management Training was designed to support young entrepreneurs in the following ways. Firstly, to start and improve business: the training assisted small scale entrepreneurs to start and grow their business and create employment. The potential entrepreneurs were enabled to develop a bankable business plan and enhanced their skills and knowledge. The training also enabled existing entrepreneurs to develop their skills and improvement plans for their business. Furthermore, the training empowered young entrepreneurs to improve financial performance by enabling them to plan and implement financial policies for controlling costs, boosting revenue, and increasing profitability. Nevertheless, the training empowered youths with better risk management skill in business. The youths were enabled to understand the implementation of processes to identify and mitigate potential risks in business.Young entrepreneurs learnt how to use and apply useful business concepts, tools and terminology whilst exploring four key aspects of business management: managing money, managing people, managing information, and – most importantly – managing and understanding themselves.